Contact Lenses and How to Take Proper Care of Them

Glasses and lenses are the easiest and most convenient way to enhance your vision or simply protect your eyes. In order to get the most out of your lenses, you should also make sure to take proper care of them. In the spirit of the "Love Your Lenses Week" which will be running from June 14 - 20, we will share with you some of our tips on how you can properly handle and maintain your contact lenses.


They can be a great help as well as an accessory, but also go along great with any type of magnifiers and glasses.


Why is proper handling important?


When you take care of your contact lenses, they will take care of your eyes, too. Poor handling can shorten the life of your contacts and can lead to multiple different complications for your eye health. There are a number of nasty infections, which your eyes might end up suffering from, while improper use can also increase your expenses when it comes to vision aids.


Redness, blurry vision, watery eyes and blurry vision can be just a few symptoms, which can turn pretty annoying to deal with, but are avoidable if you are keeping track of your contacts' condition. There are various types of contact lenses that you can use and while maintenance routine can be different for some of them, it generally consists of tracking their condition, keeping them clean and stored properly.


How to handle your lenses properly?


To avoid aftermath of poor handling of contacts, here are a a few things that you should do:


- Consult with a specialist about the type of lens you need and their power. Do not self-prescribe

- Always take off your lens when you go to sleep

- Always wash your hands, whenever taking your contact lenses off or putting them on

- Taking showers and swimming should always be done without your lenses

- Store your contacts properly, never leaving them out in the open

- If they have become worn out, it is always safer to get a new pair

- Use special cleaning solution, rather than just using water to clean the lens and their case

- Avoid wearing contacts whenever your eyes are already irritated

- If your contacts get stuck, do not panic, just lubricate with appropriate solution, then gently and patiently remove them to avoid damage to the eye and the contacts

- Throw out any single-use lens after you are done with them

- Avoid mixing up different pairs of regular ones


Not just in the Love Your Lenses week, but in general you should always be mindful and properly handle your contacts. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, wearing your contacts will be a much more safe and pleasant experience for you.


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