4 Great Foods For Healthier Eyes

Warding off different eye conditions is important, but boosting the health of your eyes with a good diet is even better. If you want to take an extra step in that direction and learn which foods will make for the best diet, when it comes to your eyes, then this article is the right place for you to start.


What makes certain food good for your eyes?


All types of food contribute in different ways to the health of your body and in a similar fashion, there is a type of healthy food, which is most beneficial for your eyes. When it comes to determining this food, there are a number of antioxidants that we will be looking for, when choosing the best options for your eye health:


- Beta-carotene: It is very beneficial to the surface of the eye, aiding it by helping to moisturise and keep it in a great condition.


- Lutein and zeaxanthin: They are assumed to be like a sunscreen for the macula, protecting it from being damaged by the light, but are also very beneficial for the heart as well.


- Omega-3 fatty acids: One of the healthier choices, especially when it comes to the retina of the eye. Especially if you are diabetic, fish can be essential to preserving the health of your retina and vision.


- Vitamin A: The photoreceptor cells in our eyes have Vitamin A as a part of them, so it is one of the highly important antioxydants any diet should have. It specifically aids our ability to see in low light and proper levels of it, keeps us safe from conditions like night blindness.


- Vitamin C: Goes without saying, that Vitamin C is important not just for your eyes, but your body as a whole. It helps for our immune system to perform better, but when it comes to the eyes, it aids the blood vessels within them.


- Vitamin E: Vitamin E protects the retina, by preventing the oxidation of the fatty acids found there.


- Zinc: Helps with supplying your eyes with Vitamin A. Adding it to your diet would maximise the effect of Vitamin A.


So which foods are beneficial for your eyes?


1. Fruits and vegetables


If your diet already includes carrots, then you have already made a step into the right direction. These vegetables contain a good amount of Vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are vital for maintaining great eye condition. Kale is also a great way to receive your dose of lutein and zeaxanthin. You will have no shortage of Vitamin C as well, when it comes to those picks, as well.


They are affordable, great for your eyes and also for your body in general. Best of all - they can be used in a lot of other foods, too. Salads and soups are great candidates for your menu, especially when you can add some carrots to them. But they are not just for eating... You could also make yourself a smoothie made out of them, too!


2. Milk and Eggs


Milk is another type of food, where the list of benefits hardly stops. The sheer number of ways that you can implement it into your diet is one of the simple reasons why you should consider them. Vitamin A and zinc, will be much easier for you to acquire, because most of those products generously offer them. As for vitamin E, you should look no further than eggs. Quick, easy and healthy start of the day, but it can do well even for lunch or dinner too.


Another reason why milk products should be a part of your diet, is the diversity it will bring to your table. It can be used in pretty much everything, which makes this entry, one of the safer bets for healthy eyes. To add to that, milk is a great choice to fight sleep issues, which on the other hand will help your eyes rest properly.


3. Fish


The omega-3 fatty acids in the fish are a good reason to consider this meal. Great choice for a diet, for weight loss as well, as fish is among the healthiest foods out there. It comes especially handy when it comes diabetic retinopathy and is a great way to keep your eyes from drying off.


4. Nuts and Seeds


Except for being extremely tasty, various nuts and seeds can play a great part in the health for your eyes, as some of them contain Vitamin E. Protecting both the macula and the retina in general from being oxidised is one of the safest bets, to ensure great vision over time. You can combine with a lot of different foods, as toppings or simply have a handful as they are.


Those are 4 of the healthiest foods that you can offer to yourself, for a healthier body and especially eyes. Adding them to your diet and ensuring a diverse and regular intake, will definitely improve your chances of great results on your next eye check up and the ones that will follow after.