Magnifiers and Low Vision Aids from qualified low vision specialists.

Vision Enhancers provides carefully chosen low vision aids from quality manufacturers which have been tried and tested in low vision clinics.

  • To support and guide you through the process there is help and advice on choosing and using Low Vision Aids, including a magnification wizard chart that will outline a selection of vision aids which may be particularly relevant to you.
  • To help your understanding of low vision, information on the leading eye conditions causing low vision is provided as well as a frequently asked questions section – all designed to help you to make the most of living independently with reduced vision.

We want to help you to choose the right visual aids for your needs and to provide advice and support to help you to make the most of the vision you have.

What should you do?

If you think you may have low vision you should firstly consult a qualified optical practitioner. The products on this website have been carefully chosen by optical professionals with considerable experience in low vision clinics to help you with your low vision. The content of this website cannot however be a substitute for professional medical advice from a personal visit to a qualified optical practitioner who can review your specific condition and needs. This site is designed to complement this advice by providing a range of products to support people with reduced vision as well as for hobbies and educational needs.