How Does The Summer Air Quality Affect Our Eyes

In the summer months the ozone levels often spike. Air quality reports are something that has become pretty common in the weather forecasts around the world. The eye is also vulnerable to the bad effects that come hand in hand with the pollution of the air as it can impact how our eyes feel. It can also lead to irritation and discomfort when wearing contact lenses.

Ozone – a friend and an enemy

Smog and pollution are often the result of too much ozone in the air. While the ozone layer protects us from the dangerous UV rays it can also play a negative role when there is too much of it in the air around us. It is formed when the pollutants that are emitted by human-made sources react chemically when there is sunlight. The bad ozone is this ground level harmful pollutant that is the main ingredient of smog.
When the levels are too high it becomes a problem that everyone should worry about being exposed to ozone, especially in the summer when there is constant strong sunlight and hot weather, in the presence of which harmful ozone concentrations are created. We have prepared some simple tips that will help you find a bit of comfort for your eyes when the quality of the air is lower during the summer.

Guarding The Eyes

When we hear about pollution the main thing that comes to mind is protecting the lungs.
But unfortunately, pollution affects a lot more parts of our bodies, so those organs could also use a little help when it comes to protecting them from the poor-quality air. Air pollution can lead from small or no symptoms at all, to constant discomfort and irritation of the eyes. If you are wearing contact lenses, the bad air can lead to chronic irritation and you may have to switch to wearing glasses in order to spare yourself annoying symptoms. If you feel that your eyes are experiencing problems visit your doctor for a check-up, getting some re-hydrating drops or even changing your contact lenses may prove to helpful. Cleaning your lenses often or having a new pair of lenses every day will minimize the chance of exposing your eyes to contaminants and irritants which are the result of overuse.

Always make sure to clean you contact lenses and to keep your eyes properly moisturized. Wear protection when there is strong sunlight outside and visit your eye doctor regularly!
If you are feeling any discomfort that lasts longer than it should, make sure to get your eyes properly checked up!