Adjusting To Your New Glasses

New things are always fresh and exciting, but they might require an adjustment period. Same applies whenever you get your new eyewear. If you had many changes, you have probably already experienced this at least once, but in case you haven't, we will take a look at that adjustment period and why it is nothing to worry about.


What is the adjustment period? 

Sometimes the brain and the eyes cannot get used to the new lenses at the given moment, which can result in some relatively annoying symptoms, which can continue for a few days up to two weeks. As they need to work together to relay a proper picture, they put extra strain on themselves, especially if your new glasses bring a more significant change to your vision.


This mostly happens, whenever your new spectacles have different coating or are different types of lens than the previous one. The shape of the frame can also play a role in an uncomfortable experience, from your new glasses. Another, less common, but harder to detect issue is a wrong prescription.


In the majority of cases, the issue resolves on its own, however if it persists for too long or the symptoms are too severe, it is a good idea to speak with your doctor about it.


What kind of symptoms can the wearer experience?

There are a multitude and varying in severity symptoms, which may occur during the adjustment period. Here are some:


- dizziness is a relatively common problem that can occur after getting new pair of glasses


- troubles with depth perception is another issues and is also the reason why you might feel dizzy


- headaches and nausea are also very common and unpleasant effect of the change


- the process of getting used to your new glasses makes you prone to eye strain


- blurry or distorted vision


Do not hesitate to call your doctor if you feel any of those in excess, so you can work out a solution for it.


How can I accelerate the process of adjusting?

 All you have to do to accelerate the process, is to wear your glasses as much as you can. Working or resting at home simplifies things much more, as you can allow yourself to not function at hundred percent. If this is not the case however, make sure to wear them only when you are not doing something requiring too much finesse or asking for too much attention.


Resist the urge of putting your old glasses back on. Their comfort will only make the adjustment period worse and also prolong it, when it comes to your new spectacles. You will not be doing yourself a favour.


Keep yourself safe!

While you are experiencing the inconveniences of adjusting to your new pair of glasses, there are a few things that you should avoid doing. Do not wear your glasses while you are:


- driving


- working with dangerous tools


- working at high altitudes


- required to be constantly concentrated


The inconvenience should be brief and in a few days you will be ready to go with them as well, as long as you wear them regularly outside of those activities.


The adjustment period can be relatively annoying, but in many cases it passes within a few days, after which you will be absolutely free to enjoy your glasses in their full glory and comfort. If the time for switching spectacles is approaching for you, you should definitely give our eyewear collection a look. We offer a wide variety of high-quality glasses and other vision enhancers, which will offer a great boost and protection that your eyes deserve!