How to Deal with a Stuck Contact Lens

Contact lenses can get stuck in the eye pretty often and one of the first reactions people experience is sheer panic.  It is important to not panic and remember that this is something that can always happen and you can still remove it by yourself.

How to safely remove it?

1. Always sanitize your hands in advance! The first and the most important thing is to wash your hands properly in order to remove any bacteria from them, as it may get in your eye, while you are trying to remove the lens. Wet your hands with running water and use a soap, rub your hands for 30 seconds and make sure you have cleaned the back of your nails and the tip of your fingertips. Then make sure your hands are completely dry before trying to get to the lens.


2. Make sure to keep calm and be patient. You should remember to have patience as this could take some time. Keep in mind to blink often in order to keep the eye moisturized or to use some artificial way to keep it hydrated. It can take more time depending on the position the lens is stuck in. Moisturize, blink, massage and be patient.


3. Add a bit of lubrication in order to loosen the lens up and prevent damage to your eyes. Make sure to blink often in order to lubricate the eye and the lens! You can also use some sort of artificial eye lubrication such as eye drops.

In most cases contact lenses get stuck in the eye because of dryness. Dryness can be a regular problem you have or may be brought by sleeping with your lenses, not cleaning them in the right way, not blinking enough or being exposed to allergens.


4. Carefully try to get them out. Find the exact location of your lens. You can use a contact lens re-wetting drops to make it easier for you. Close your eye and gently massage your eyelid without pressing hard on it. When you start to feel that the lens is starting to move gently try to coax them more toward the center of the eye. Try to blink as more as you can to make it move and re-hydrate the eye. Continue doing so until it starts to move easily and then get it to a place that will be easier for you to reach and remove. It should be able to be removed as a normal lens at this point. 

5. If nothing else works... It can turn to a very time-consuming and quite frustrating activity so it is important to have patience. But if you still are failing to remove it after trying for a long time it may be better to call a doctor to safely and effortlessly remove it for you!

You should call a doctor if you feel that the eye is remaining dry and there is any kind of pain or irritation in the eye. Same goes if you experience blurry vision or any other change at all. Make sure to use artificial tears after you remove them so the eye can get some hydration, but if any problems occur and stay more than they should make sure to contact your doctor immediately.