What is Chemosis?

There are multiple contaminants and irritants constantly bombarding the surface of our eyes and one of the unpleasant conditions that can end up being the result of this bombardment, is chemosis. This condition can be quite the annoyance to deal with and in this article we will take a look at what it is and how it can affect you.


What is Chemosis?


In full, the condition is named Chemosis of the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the white surface level of your eye and also the inner part of your eyelids, which protects your eye from particles and lubricates your eye. When that protective layer is afflicted by chemosis, you will notice swelling and possibly even blisters filled with gel-like liquid in the places that the conjunctiva covers.


This can lead to a series of unpleasant symptoms, which could easily hinder your daily tasks, by annoying you and making it harder to concentrate. The condition is very similar to conjunctivitis and can even end up being caused by it, however, the two conditions differ from each other.


What causes Chemosis?


There are a number of reasons which may be the cause of chemosis. Most common are:


  1. Allergies - considered the most common reason for this condition. If you have allergies to pollen or irritants originating from animals, there is a chance that you might experience this condition as well.


  1. Viruses and bacteria, could also be the cause for chemosis, though they are seen less often. In fact in many situations, an ongoing infection could cause Chemosis to appear as well.


  1. Surgeries - not as common as the other causes, but a possibility as a result of a surgery.


What are the symptoms?


A lot of them are familiar from other eye infections that may occur. Here are some of the signs that might hint at this condition:


- white discharge from the affected area of your eye 

- itchy eyes

- you are can also be reddish

- excessive tearing

- can make vision blurry


All of those combined can make for a pretty unpleasant experience, so if you should have a definite schedule and appointment with your doctor.


How do you treat Chemosis?


The treatment of Chemosis is relatively simple and will often provide relief pretty quickly. Once your doctor establishes the cause of the Chemosis, you will be prescribed one of a number of treatments.


If the cause of the condition is an allergic reaction, you will most often be prescribed antihistamine, to reduce the reaction of your body towards the irritants. You will also be advised to remove any possible sources of the irritant that caused the allergy.


A number of eye drops for either lubrication or antibiotics would most likely be the route against infections. They can come in the form of pills as well.


Chemosis resembles other conditions as well, but regardless of what is wrong with your eye, you should always make sure to check it out and get prescribed proper treatment from your doctor. If you end up in need of extra protection for your eye, you should check out our vast selection of high-quality eyewear.


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