Glasses are not an obstacle when it comes to wearing make-up!

It can be quite hard to figure out what kind of make-up will flatter your face features as it is, but when we add glasses to the game it can become a nightmare! One would always wonder whether the make-up will even be noticeable with glasses on (something that often happened to me at least), or maybe getting make up on the glasses or the lashes - touch them and now there is mascara on top of the glass… a total disaster indeed.

Your strategy may need to change a bit, but you know what they say – improve, adapt, overcome! 

This is why we have prepared some cool tips and tricks that will help you get over this nightmare, while also giving you that glasses-complementary look that you have been searching for all this time!


  • About the mascara having the awful habit of getting on your glasses, we have a solution! You can avoid this problem by putting less on the tips of your lashes and focusing more on the roots instead - maybe even curl them up a bit so they won’t be able to get so far as your lenses. Mascara should be on the lashes not the glasses! 

  • It’s all about Balance! A good way to combine a pair of dark or thick frames, is to wear a bold colour of lipstick! Do not be afraid to experiment and be confident while doing it! 

  •  Glasses often find themselves sliding down the nose like a sleigh. A good way to make them stop doing that is to put some primer on the bridge of the nose, as it will keep them from going down all the time! 

  •  Glasses can often create the unpleasant illusion of having dark circles under the eyes. Putting some concealer should eliminate both the illusion and the real dark circles!


  • Having glasses with darker frames is already a pretty bold move – and a good one! But combining them with even bolder eyeshadow can turn out to be a bit too much, so you may want to aim for something more natural or bright to help your eyes pop from under there. 

How to match your make-up style with your frames? If you want your make up to be more noticeable and be the main character of your look, you might want to go for thinner frames or even rimless glasses. But if you want to go for that natural look, you can complement it with some thicker frames. Experiment, try different combinations, find what is the best option for you and don’t be afraid to have fun! 

Make sure to consider the size of your glasses and to find a pair that compliments your face! Bigger glasses will give you more freedom when it comes to creating dramatic looks, but smaller ones won’t be a big opponent when it comes to competing with your eyebrows. Create different looks in order to find out what is the best style for you and how you like it better!