How To Take Care Of Your Anti-Glare Glasses?

Glare is one of the most pesky environmental nuisances that a person has to deal with. Whether it is at home, at work or while simply taking a walk, anti-glare glasses are lifesavers, offering you a way to block out excess, blinding light. Just like normal glasses, though, you should make sure to keep your glasses well maintained. In this article we will take a look at how you can be caring for your anti-glare glasses.


Getting a spot on your anti-glare glasses can be especially annoying, so you should always be ready to plan whenever one does appear. There are a number of ways in which you can prevent such spots. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve cleaner glasses and less cleaning:


- Having a case for your glasses to be stored in, minimises dust build up and the chance of damage while they are outside.

- Always handle your glasses with clean hands, so no dirt can transfer over to them.

- Do not directly touch the glass of your glasses.

- Using any piece of clothing to clean your anti-glare glasses, hides the danger of foreing particles stuck on the clothing to damage the glass while rubbing against it.

- Keep away from any cosmetic and clearing items in the environment.

If a spot has already appeared though, here is what you can do in order to get rid of it quickly and efficiently:


1. Choose the right solution


Ammonia and alcohol based cleaning solutions are not very desirable to anti-glare glasses. You should use soft detergents for the tender coating of your glasses, in order to preserve it in the cleaning process. Once you have done so, you can move on to the next step.


2. Use water and rinse your glasses


Dust flies everywhere and chances are it will make it onto the surface of your glasses too. This is why before you apply your cleaning solution, you need to rinse the glasses with some water. Removing those dust particles is vital, otherwise you might damage the anti-glare coating.


3. Carefully spread the cleaning solution


You should absolutely avoid very abrasive tools. As mentioned in advance, the coating of any type of anti-glare glasses is relatively tender. One of the best ways that you can spread the solution with, is by using your own finger, carefully covering the entire surface of the glasses. At this point there will be no particles remaining on your glasses and you should add a tiny bit only.


4. Wash out the cleaner


Rinse once again with warm water to wash out the cleaning solution. Make sure not to leave any of it, so it would not smear once you start drying off your glasses.


5. Use a clean cloth to dry off


Once your glasses are solution-free, you can move on to drying them off so they can be ready for use. A microfiber cloth would be the safest way to properly dry off your glasses and make them shine.


Always make sure to keep your anti-glare glasses well taken care of, so they can take proper care of your eyes. The environment can be relatively hazardous, so in order to avoid any issues that might arise from being blinded by light, anti-glare glasses would be your best friend.


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