Optic Nerve Atrophy and Its Causes

One of the most important parts of the eyes is the optic nerve, as it ensures that our brain will receive, to be able to process, the images we see with our eyes. There, however, are various causes, which can result in damage to our optic nerve, leading to impaired vision. Optic nerve atrophy is one of the signals that you are suffering from a more serious condition, so we will take a look at what it could mean and how it can be recognised.


What is optic nerve atrophy?


Optic nerve atrophy is normally more of a symptom, than it is a disease, which normally occurs when a more serious condition is plaguing the body and causing damage to the optic nerve. This condition can often result in severe vision loss and even blindness.


Other diseases would cause damage to the cells of the optic nerve, which causes it to deteriorate. Because of that, the optic nerve is no longer able to efficiently transfer information to the brain. It is a condition that can appear at any time of a patient's life.


What are the symptoms?


Unfortunately, diagnosing this condition is tough, as the various symptoms that can be experienced, are hardly limited to it alone. Among the types of discomfort that can be present are:


- Distorted vision

- Blurry vision

- Troubles with colours

- Impaired visual field

- Flashing lights when looking around


What can be the cause?


The list of conditions which can cause optic nerve atrophy is very long. Treatment in most cases will depend on how the other conditions are being handled and if they can be. Some of those conditions include:


- Eye Stroke

- Traumas

- Tumors

- Degenerative disorders

- Infections

- Poisoning

- More


Just like the eyes themselves, the optic nerve is very tender and can be influenced by many factors. One of the best ways to avoid that is by leading a healthy lifestyle.


What are the treatments?


While there is no way of correcting an optic nerve, which was already damaged, as the cells cannot heal or grow back, there are ways to prevent further damage to it and they revolve around handling the disease or other factors that led to the atrophy.


You could work on prevention for one. Eating healthy, quitting smoking and avoiding alcohol abuse, are a few easy ways for you to keep yourself away from more serious conditions. Apart from being good for the eyes, it can be beneficial for every other part of your body too.


There, however, is a way of handling the aftermath of the optic nerve atrophy, the most common among them being vision aids. Spectacles, magnifiers, lenses and other types of vision boosting tools can help you deal with the reduced vision, which resulted from a condition, allowing you to return to an easier daily life.


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