Four Eye Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Our eyes are arguably the best sensory organ that we humans have. There are many ways for our eyes to tell us that something is wrong with them and while some signs pass too quickly to be anything major or are not that severe, there is only so much that we should leave to chance. So which symptoms should immediately prompt you to book an appointment with your eye specialist?


1. Floaters 

At a certain age, some individuals may experience shadows in various forms appearing in their visual field, which do not appear to be on the outside of your eye. Floaters are formed from the gel-like substance that fills the eye. As you age that fluid forms clumps, which can grow big enough for you to start noticing them in environments with certain lighting. It is a normal process of aging and harmless in the majority of cases.


Normally you will get used to those floaters and could even end up not noticing them. If you see a sudden increase in floaters, however, that could mean that your eyes might be plagued by some type of a condition. Some of the conditions that can be responsible for the sudden raise of floaters in your visions include: glaucoma, retinal detachment and retinal tear.


2. Vision loss

A sudden vision loss is easy to detect, but the same does not apply for the gradual one. If you are having trouble performing daily tasks over time, having to focus your eyes on things much more than before, chances are you might be experiencing gradual vision loss.


Conditions which are responsible for loss in your central vision are much easier to detect, while those in the peripheral vision usually take much longer to notice. When caught in time and depending on the condition, vision loss can be reversed, which is why you should always pay attention to your eyes, in order to avoid it turning permanent. There are a multitude of factors which can result in vision loss, such as age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, injuries or various types of infections.


3. Sudden photophobia

Sensitivity to light is one of the common symptoms which can be experienced on a daily basis and even from birth. Just like most other symptoms though a sudden and persistent photophobia, there is more trouble brewing than you anticipated. Since the majority of the parts of the eye play a role of the light reaching your retina and then relaying the image to your brain through the optic nerve, the issue with persistent photophobia can originate from a multitude of places. From retinal detachment to problems with the optic nerve, nasty infections and more, this symptom is easily among those that should get you to book an appointment.


4. Redness and itchiness

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common troubles your eye might experience and both of those symptoms can be attributed to it. It can be a relatively dangerous condition, which if left untreated could even lead to vision loss.


Allergies could easily be the cause for redness and itchiness as well, however when you are taking the appropriate medicine and having the right measures in order, but your eye is still not in good shape, you might be dealing with something more unpleasant. There are a number of infections like Uveitis, which can be very damaging to your eyesight.


There are a lot of symptoms which may spell trouble for your sight and this is why you should make sure to visit your eye specialist at least once a year in order to stop various conditions before they cause problems for you. If you are also looking for extra protection from irritants and contaminants or you are simply looking for eyewear to help enhance your vision, you should check out our shope. We offer high-quality eyewear collection for any needs you might have!