Corneal Abrasion – what are the causes and how to treat it?

Corneal Abrasion is a scratch on the protective surface at the front of the eye, also known as the cornea, that can happen in an instant. It is usually the result of various foreign bodies, such as dust, sand, dirt, wood shavings, piece of paper or contact lenses and due to too much pressure applied or dryness of the eye, causing damage to it. Some corneal abrasions may require special attention and treatment as there may be an inflammation that has occurred due to the contact with a foreign object. In most cases corneal abrasions are minor and do not take much time to heal but if there is an inflammation that is accompanying the condition the infected corneal abrasion may become a corneal ulcer.

What are the causes?

You might scratch your eye if you:

- Overwear your contact lenses – make sure to wear your contact lenses as your doctor recommended.

- Wear dirty contact lenses – Clean your lenses properly and always make sure to disinfect your hands when putting and removing them!

- Rub your eyes too aggressively

- Get a foreign object in your eye like dust, dirt, sand or wood shavings

- Get chemicals in your eye

- Engage in activities that require you to wear eye protection without wearing safety eyewear

If you feel like there is a foreign particle in your eye do not rub it as this is how you can pretty easily scratch your eye. Do not touch your eyes with tweezers or any other instruments. If you feel like there is something in your eye, go to a professional as soon as you can. If there is something in your eye the doctor can safely remove it by using a product that is called eye stain, which allows him to take a look at the surface of the cornea. 

What are the symptoms?

If you have scratched your eye, you will most likely:

- feel pain when you open and close your eye

- have the feeling of having something stuck in your eye

- experience blurred vision

- have light sensitivity

- notice redness in the eye

How to treat it?

If you notice any symptoms make sure to seek proper medical attention as soon as possible!
If you have corneal abrasion there are some immediate steps that may prove helpful. First blink several times, as this may help when it comes to removing any small particles that may have entered the eye. You can rinse it with clear water or a saline solution, as rinsing the eye may wash out the foreign object. Do not rub, touch or put any substances in your eyes.

If you are diagnosed with corneal abrasion you may receive a prescription for eye drops to help relieve pain and light sensitivity in more severe cases. A prescription for pain medications is also one of the things that doctors usually prescribe in such cases.
In most cases corneal abrasion goes away pretty quickly, as it usually takes several days for the cornea to heal.