6 Common Myths Related To Our Vision

Without a doubt, many adults, when they were young, have heard myths from their family about stuff they should or should not do in order to preserve or better their vision. From diet advice to stopping us from wearing someone else's glasses, our close ones were always ready to step in to prevent us from having unhealthy habits and behaviour. If you are curious to revisit them and how true they are, you are at the right place.


Sitting too long in front of screens will damage your eyes


After many hours in front of your TV, PC or another piece of equipment, you surely have felt discomfort in your eyes. Now let's make that at 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Without a doubt you are on your way to experience a very unpleasant digital eye strain.


Long exposure to blue light is definitely not recommended, but not because there is a risk to damage your eyes, but instead because of the discomfort that will inevitably befall you, after tiring your eyes to such an extent. It will definitely turn your daily tasks, which require your vision to complete, into an absolute chore.


Sitting too close to screens


The distance, just like the period of time, which you would spend in front of your digital devices, also has no real impact on your vision. Beyond tiring your eyes faster and making it much more likely to experience digital eye strain there is no real danger for you.


However if you or someone you know needs to have their face on the screen all the time, there is a chance that they might be suffering from myopia (nearsightedness). Whether it's you or a close person, a visit to the eye specialist will make it much easier to correct that condition.


Eye exercises can make the vision better


You have inevitably heard that if you do eye exercises you might be able to restore your vision and ditch the glasses. Unfortunately this is not the case.


While eye exercises can be helpful against some conditions, such as lazy eye, where the muscles holding the eye need to strengthen up in order to reduce involuntary eye movement, they will not be able to help you in ditching your glasses, for example.


Wearing glasses which are not yours will hurt your eyes


While it is true that wearing glasses without prescription can cause you some major discomfort, especially if you keep on doing it, they will not damage your eye in any way.


If you spend enough time wearing it, you can experience nausea, strong headaches and a multitude of other unpleasant effects. This is also why you should always get a checkup and the prescription that fits your needs. Otherwise your eyes and brain will simply end up struggling. 


Eating certain vegetables will boost your vision


Without a doubt it is extremely healthy advice, but while it is extremely beneficial for your eyesight, it will certainly not enhance it. Vitamin A can be acquired from a large number of vegetables, with carrots being one of the most famous, when it comes to better eye health.


Just because it does not directly make your eye stronger you should definitely not give up on it. It actively helps with preserving and improving the health of your eyes, warding off a number of annoying conditions.


Crossing your eyes might leave them in this state


You have definitely heard this one during your childhood at least once. There is no chance that crossing your eyes will leave them in that state forever, however, it is a powerful choice of words, to make your kid avoid this type of funny faces. At least in some cases.


Those are some common myths about the eyes and your vision you have definitely heard. While most of them are not correct in their entirety, they can definitely help you improve your lifestyle, which is most likely the reason why your close ones told you about them. Visit the eye doctor regularly, remember to give your eyes a break and if you need glasses or other vision enhancers make sure to give our vast collection of high quality choices a look!