Foreign Body Sensation in the Eye – what does it mean?

The feeling of having something in one’s eye, when there is actually nothing there, can drive a person crazy. The constant irritation and discomfort are something that is indeed not pleasant to deal with. As irritating as it is, there can be good reasons for such a sensation and in this article we will take a look at some of them.

What makes this feeling appear and what does it mean?

If you are experiencing such discomfort, there is a chance that your eyes can be plagued by various eye conditions:

*Blepharitis – blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelid. It affects the lash line of both of the eyelids and is cause by clogged oil glands.

*Dryness – dry eye syndrome, is one of the most common conditions that can cause you to feel this sensation. Having a dry eye can result in the feeling of having a foreign body in the eye and can even cause excess tearing that is followed by long periods of dryness in the eye.
Make sure to hydrate your eyes and contact a doctor if you are experiencing constant dryness there.

*Conjunctivitis – conjunctivitis means pink eye. It is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the tissue that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part of the eye.

*Fungal Keratitis – fungal keratitis is a very rare fungal infection of the cornea caused by overgrowth of fungi that can be commonly found on the skin.

*Stye or chalazia – a chalazion is a tiny lump that develops on the eyelid. It can be caused by a blocked oil gland as a person can develop one or multiple at a time.

*Corneal injuries – the cornea is very delicate and it can take damage, from simply rubbing your eyes, while they are dry. Particles, rubbing and other types of physical contact can scar the cornea, which can lead to this sensation, even long after the scarring has occurred.

Stuck object and how to remove it

Apart from various conditions, there is of course the possibility that a small particle has entered the eye and is stuck there even if it cannot be easily seen.

The object can be removed by trying to flushing it down the eyelid with artificial tear eye drops as the eyelid should be hold open during the process.

Other way in which a person can try to remove it is by using a damp cotton swam and gently taping the object if can be seen on the white part of the eye.
Another method that you can use, involves using tap water. Lean with your eye in the way of the stream, leave your eye half closed and let the stream flush out anything that might be in your eye.

If you are experiencing foreign body sensation in your eyes, make sure to book yourself an appointment with an eye specialist.