StarMag LED 2x Neck Magnifier with Stand

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The StarMag LED is a great low vision aid for crafts, knitting and all those tasks which require you to have both hands free.

It features a large 2x lens. Within this lens there is a smaller spot lens with a stronger magnification for particularly close work and detailed viewing. It also features two integral LED bulbs that provide a clear, bright light to enhance visibility and contrast. 

The magnifier comes with a cord to wear it around the neck while its feet sit on your chest, allowing you to work and read comfortably under the lens. The pads on the feet prevent the magnifier from slipping during use and the cord can be adjusted to improve viewing distance and comfort.

You can also unfold its base to use it as a stand magnifier. Place it over a table or desk and adjust the inclination of the lens for the best viewing position.

Because you don't need to hold it while you use it, it can be particularly useful if you have poor dexterity or if your hands are weak or shaky. 

  • Main lens: 2x magnification / 10.5cm of diameter
  • High power spot lens: 6x magnification / 2.4cm of diameter

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