Specwell Monocular - 20mm Aperture (8x,10x,14x)

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Magnification: 8x

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Specwell are the worlds leading manufacturer of high quality hand held monoculars. They make excellent low vision aids due to their high light sensitivity, true image and magnification factor. It features a high quality close focusing roof prism and lens with anti-reflection coating. They also include roll down eye cups, making them suitable for spectacle wearers.

This handy monocular is very portable and can be useful to take out and about. It works well for distance and near viewing, making it ideal for activities such as sporting events but also to read prices and menus. 

The monocular comes with a neck strap to carry it around and a protective case.

Available magnifications and specifications:

  • For the 8x version:
    • Length: 94mm / 3.7 inches
    • Weight: 75g / 2.65oz
    • Lens size: 20mm/0.79 inches diameter
    • Working distance: From 30mm/1.18 inches to infinity
  • For the 10x version:
    • Length: 108mm / 4.3 inches
    • Weight: 80g/2.8oz
    • Lens size: 20mm/0.79 inches diameter
    • Working distance: From 40mm/1.58 inches to infinity
  • For the 14x version:
    • Length: 138mm / 5.43 inches
    • Weight: 180g/6.3oz
    • Lens size: 20mm/0.79 inches diameter
    • Working distance: From 100mm/3.94 inches to infinity

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