Optima Folding Hand Magnifier

Magnification: 4x

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This compact folding magnifier can be useful as a portable low vision aid. With its small size, it fits comfortably into a handbag or pocket. This makes it ideal for taking out and about and reading price tags and menus discreetly. It can also be a good handheld magnifier for hobbies, such as collecting stamps or coins.

Its aspheric lens provides a clear, distortion-free image. Its enclosed by a plastic case that protects it from the dust and damage, and can be easily taken out and used. 

The magnifier is supplied with a zip up soft black case to protect it when you're not using it.

Available in the following magnifications:

  • 4x
  • 6x
  • 8x
  • 10x

Other specifications:

  • Lens size: 35mm diameter

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