Eschenbach Mobase - Stand for Mobilux LED Illuminated Hand Magnifier

Size: 3x/3.5x/4x

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With the Mobase, your Eschenbach Mobilux LED can also be used as a stand magnifier - both in a flat position for tremble-free reading and viewing, as well as in an upright position which leaves both hands free to carry out work behind the magnifier.

Every one of the Mobase bases has been designed to guarantee the correct viewing distance for every Mobilux® LED magnifier. Inserting and extracting the magnifier is quick and easy.

The Mobase is suitable for both the rectangular lens and round lens versions of the Mobilux LED.

Models available:

  • Stand for the 3x, 3.5x and 4x versions
  • Stand for the 5x and 6x version
  • Stand for the 7x version
  • Stand for the 10x and 12x versions

We also stock the Mobilux LED magnifiers! Find them here: 

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