Eschenbach Visomax Stand Magnifier with Additional Lens (3.8x)


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The Visomax is an ideal low vision aid for reading and writing. It can be easily positioned over the reading material or object to magnify and used comfortably. It features an open base with enough space to write and work under the lens. The base is also transparent for clear, unobstructed viewing.

Its large rectangular lens provides a wide field of view, making reading newspapers or magazines much easier and without losing your place on the page. It also includes an additional "snap-on" lens with a stronger magnification for close work and to look at the finer detail. It can be easily attached under the lens or removed for greater working space.

This desk magnifier features a tilted lens, which helps keep a comfortable viewing position for long periods of time without any neck strain. It can be regulated as required.


  • Main lens magnification: 2.8x / 7D
  • "Snap-on" additional lens magnification: 3.8x / 11D
  • Lens size: 100 x 75mm (3.94 x 2.95 inches)
  • Aspheric PXM lens with cera-tec coating

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