Eschenbach Rectangle Hand Magnifier with Additional 5x Lens

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Magnification: 1.85x

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This handheld magnifier from Eschenbach is a high quality low vision aid.

Its rectangle-shaped lens provides you with a larger viewing area than conventional round magnifiers, making it easier to follow lines of text, and can be especially useful as a reading aid for the partially sighted.

The top of the handle has an additional magnifying lens with a stronger magnification to help you look at the finer details and perform intricate tasks, so it can be useful for hobbies, such as collecting stamps or coins.

Supplied with a handy carrying strap for attaching around the neck, which makes it highly portable.

Available in the following magnification levels:

  • 1.85x / 3.3D
    • Lens size: 120 x 55mm (4.72 x 2.17 inches)
    • Magnifier lenght: 227mm (8.94 inches)
    • Magnifier weight: 150g (6.07oz)
  • 2.4x / 5.7D
    • Lens size: 80 x 40mm (3.15 x 1.58 inches)
    • Magnifier lenght: 192mm (7.56 inches)
    • Magnifier weight: 75g (2.54oz)
Other specifications:
  • Biconvex rectangular main lens
  • Both versions feature a powerful 5x spot lens in the handle for detailed work

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