Eschenbach Powerlux LED Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Light: Yellow
Magnification: 3.5x

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The Powerlux LED is a versatile stand magnifier. Designed to look like a computer mouse, it's very comfortable to use for long periods of time and can be easily moved across any flat surface.

Its stand ensures that the lens is situated at the correct viewing distance, guaranteeing a steady image free of distortion. This makes it easier to read and follow lines of text, as you don't need to constantly reposition the magnifier. There's also enough space to write under the lens, making it an ideal low vision aid for both reading and writing.

Its LED light provides bright and glare free illumination. It's available in two different light temperatures, yellow and blue, so you can choose the one that's more comfortable for your eyes.

Supplied with a protective case.

Available in the following magnifications:

  • 3.5x/14D
  • 5x/ 20D
  • 7x/28D
Choose the light temperature that's more comfortable for you:
  • Warm Yellow LED (3000k)
  • Cool Blue LED (8000k)
Other specifications:
  • Aspheric lens with a size 60mm diameter
  • The LED light automatically switches off after 30 minutes to prevent unnecessary power consumption. 
Requires 3x AA batteries for the illumination. This are supplied with your magnifier.

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