Eschenbach Microlux Monocular

Magnification: 4x13

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This small monocular from Eschenbach is easy to use, light and highly portable. It's a useful low vision aid for distance viewing, great for reading signs when you're out and about; but also for events and hobbies. 

Its keplerian roof prism system features blue multi-coated lenses and provides a large field of view with a fixed focus, so you'll always have a steady image. You can also use the monocular in reverse so that it acts as a field expander, ideal for those with restricted visual fields.

The lens is protected by a plastic housing and requires gentle pressure to move into position. Simply squeeze the casing once and the Microlux lens expands for use. Squeeze it once again, and the lens retracts into its protective case. 

Supplied with carry strap and protective case.

Available in the following magnifications:

  •  4x magnification:
    • Lens size: 13mm / 0.51 inches
    • Monocular size: 49 x 27 x 41mm
    • Monocular weight: 46g/1.6oz
  •  6x magnification:
    • Lens size: 18mm / 0.70 inches
    • Monocular size: 81 x 28 x 46mm
    • Monocular weight: 78g / 2.7oz

Both versions provide a long distance vision of 100 inches / 3m to infinity with fixed focus.

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