Eschenbach Vario Illuminated Stand Magnifier with Round Lens - Head Only

Magnification: 3x

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These magnifying heads are suitable to be used with Eschenbach Vario illuminated handles. Please note, the head doesn't have any illumination and you will need to have a Vario handle for this. 

They are designed to be placed directly on the reading material so can be used hands free, and are suitable for long periods of reading.

Available in the following magnifications:

  • 3x/7.6D
    • Lens size: 80mm (3.15 inches) diameter
  • 4x/16D
    • Lens size: 70mm (2.8 inches) diameter
  • 5x/20D
    • Lens size: 58mm (2.28 inches) diameter
  • 6x/ 24D
    • Lens size: 50mm (1.97 inches) diameter
  • 7x/28D
    • Lens size: 35mm (1.38 inches) diameter
  • 10x/38D
    • Lens size: 35mm (1.38 inches) diameter
  • 12.5x/50D
    • Lens size: 35mm (1.38 inches) diameter
Find an ideal Eschenbach Vario LED handle for these magnifying heads here: 1599144

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