Eschenbach Hand Magnifier with Additional Lens

Magnification: 2.7x

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This handheld magnifier from Eschenbach provides a good level of magnification and also features an additional 5x lens at the top of the handle especially designed for intricate tasks and reading small print. The magnifier's transparent frame and handle guarantee unobstructed viewing. 

It can be a helpful as low vision reading aid and for use as children's educational support. It's also ideal for hobbies, such as collecting stamps or coins.

Its lightweight design features an eyelet in the handle to attach a strap, so you can carry it with ease around your wrist or neck.

Available in two different versions:

  • 2.7x / 6.7D magnification
    • Main lens size: 60mm/2.4 inches
    • Magnifier length: 155mm/6.1 inches
    • Magnifier weight: 40g/1.4oz
    • Working distance: 156mm/6.1 inches
  • 3.25x / 9D magnification
    • Main lens size: 40mm diameter (1.58 inches)
    • Magnifier length: 115mm (4.53 inches)
    • Magnifier weight: 20g (0.68oz)
    • Working distance: 119mm/4.7 inches
Other specifications:
  • Biconvex lens
  • Both versions feature a powerful 5x spot lens in the handle for detailed work

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