Coil Aspheric Prismatic 45mm Half-eye Spectacles

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Magnification: 2.0x

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The Coil half-eye prismatic magnifying spectacles are similar to an ordinary pair of glasses in look. They give a wide field-of-view and the half-eye enables vision to be clear when looking up, meaning that you won't have to take them off to look at things in the distance.

These magnifying glasses are available in high levels of magnification and are great for lengthy tasks, such as looking at photos and stamps or coins, as they allow you to have both hands free when using them. However, keep in mind that they do have a very close working distance.

Available in the following magnifications:
  • 2x
    • Working distance: 125mm/4.9 inches
  • 2.5x
    • Working distance: 125mm/4.9 inches
  • 3x
    • Working distance: 83mm/3.3 inches
  • 3.5x
    • Working distance: 100mm/3.9 inches
  • 4x
    • Working distance: 100mm/3.9 inches
  • 4.5x
    • Working distance: 100mm/3.9 inches

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