Base Stand for Schweizer ERGO Mobil Illuminated Hand Magnifier

Size: 1.5x

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This magnifier base stand is suitable to be used with the illuminated magnifiers in the ERGO Mobil hand magnifier range.

It is easy to use and enables you to turn your hand magnifier into a stand magnifier, allowing you to use it hands free and for longer periods of time. Once you set it at the correct working distance, you can then move it along the page to keep reading without having to adjust your hold.

Sizes available: 

  • 1.5x/ 6D: 100mm diameter
  • 2x / 8D: 85mm diameter
  • 2.5x/ 10D: 75x50mm (rectangle head: straight, right, left)
  • 3x / 12D: 35mm and 70mm diameter
  • 4x / 16D: 35mm and 60mm diameter
  • 5x / 20D: 55mm diameter
  • 6x /24D: 55mm diameter
  • 7x/ 28D: 35mm diameter
  • 10x/ 39D: 35mm diameter
  • 12x/ 48D: 35mm diameter
  • 14x/ 56D: 35mm diameter

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