Simple Steps to Relieve Eye Strain

Nowadays almost everyone is staring at a computer screen, a phone or something that destroys and hurts our eyes on a daily basis. Digital devices are continuing to cause serious problems. The condition that originates from the pressure the eye receives from repeating the same activity over and over again is called “eye strain”.
The eyes start getting sore and tired after a long period of being exposed to digital screens, reading for hours without rest, feeling stressed or tired, being in a room with bad lightning, dry eye syndrome.

So how can you get rid of it?

Eyestrain is something that occurs when the eye is forced to focus on one particular repeated task for long periods of time, the eye becomes heavily irritated and it usually may have some additional symptoms such as headache, strain in the neck or shoulders, sore eyes, blurry vision or red eyes due to irritation. 

In most cases eye strain is not a temporary condition and usually disappears after taking some rest and letting the eye get away from the pressure that technology applies to it. But in cases in which is starting to become a constant problem and bothers your everyday life and work there are some exercises that may prove quite helpful such as:

*Warm Compresses – the warmness helps when it comes to triggering tears and relaxing muscles.

*Palming eyes – it requires your eyes to be closed for a certain amount of time which allows them to take some rest and it may also help circulate blood better.

*Blinking – one of the quickest and most effective ways as it allows the eye to re-hydrate itself.

*Focus changing – the muscles become tense when they are forced to do the same thing and to look at the same direction over long periods of time so changing focus and practicing doing so may help reduce discomfort in the eye.
Look at something that is in the other way of the room for 20-30 seconds or just use your finger as something to focus on. Move it slowly in front of your nose and then away from your face.

*Rolling your eyes – helps releasing tension in the muscles that aim the eyes.

*Take proper care of your eyes

You can prevent it before it occurs!

There are also some quite simple things you can keep in mind that may significantly help when it comes to preventing and easing eye strain

*Pay attention to the air quality – places with heating, cooling units and fans may cause eye strain. Improving the air with humidifier or turning the heating system may help.

*Use the right light – lightning is very important for the eyes. The lights should be behind you and they shouldn’t be too light or dim. Dimming them when using the computer or watching Tv is advised and may help reduce eye strain.

*Position your screen to be at a proper and safe distance from your eyes. The screen should usually be at around an arm’s length from the eyes.

*Use eye drops – always make sure that your eyes are properly hydrated

*Don’t spend too much time doing the same activity

*Let your eyes have proper rest

Those are among the most simple actions you can take in order to relieve or prevent eye strain, so next time you feel discomfort in your eyes, while performing a task, make sure to try our tips out. Also you should definitely check our shop for some amazing glasses, that would keep your eyes safe from blue light and glare!