Your Eyes And Your Vacation At The Beach

With the summer going full force in the northern hemisphere, many people are eagerly anticipating for that vacation days to come in, for some relaxation. Cooling off at the seaside or going for a dive in another water source nearby is without a doubt one of the preferred activities for recreation.


Your vacation could easily be ruined though, if you are not being mindful, since diving without any eye protection, could cause you quite annoying types of discomfort which could even bring your vacation to a stop!


Why should you wear goggles whenever you are swimming?


Water sources are filled with a lot of nasty stuff that you should avoid getting into your eye. Are you going to the pool often? Chances are, that at some point you felt your eyes burn, if you were diving with your eyes open.


In order to improve hygiene in the pool, owners can use chlorine. While chlorine does take care of many of the undesirable substances that enter the pool too, such as dirt, this chemical is an irritant and can give you a nasty irritation, which will surely ruin the rest of your day.


This is caused due to the removal of the tear film which covers your eyes. This is a protective layer, which generally repels particles from the surface of your eye. Due to the chlorine in the pool however, this film gets washed out, leaving your eye without any protection and open for bacteria and viruses to attack your eye.


Chlorine disinfects, but even with disinfection in place, there are many other threats lurking in pretty much any waters you are about to dive in, which can cause trouble for your eyes.


Chlorine at the pool is not the only trouble for your eyes


Now in your neighbourhood pool, owners make sure that the water is as clean as possible, but what about whenever you are at the river or seaside? Viruses, bacteria and many, many more other things swim in the water alongside you.


Infections are not that uncommon when you are taking dives somewhere in nature, like a lake, too. Contaminants are among the biggest party-poopers and unfortunately stumbling upon some of them during your underwater joyful explorations, might net you much more than just a bit of redness.


Avoid exploring in the water with your contacts on


No matter where you have decided to relax, jumping in with your contacts on is always a very bad idea. Remember they have direct contact with your eyes and whenever you remove them there is always a chance that you might hurt your cornea a bit.


Other than that, contacts could easily become a home for numerous bacteria and viruses, waiting for the perfect moment to get to you. In fact, always remove your lenses any time you are about to have content with water.


If you were swimming with your contacts on, chances are, that whatever contaminants were in the water are now on your lenses too. Apart from the condition of your contacts deteriorating, accidentally scraping your eye, while removing them, can cause you a very nasty infection, from those very same viruses and bacteria.



This is why you should always take steps to protect your eyes, whenever you are about to embark on an aquatic adventure, for your well deserved vacation. Still, swimming is not the only time your eyes need protection! If you want to protect, enhance or simply aid for any type of hobby or condition you might have, make sure to check our wide range out. From binoculars and glasses to high-quality digital magnifiers, we have it all!

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