The Human Eye as a Camera

The human eyes are indeed an incredible thing. They are complex and are just like the very own small camera of the human body. Thanks to them we are able to see and capture beautiful images and moments to store in our brain and then look back to as memories in the future. The eyes are able to see things that many devices and even professional cameras are not able to catch quite clearly and allow us to enjoy numerous things from small pretty details to magnificent views. The human eye is the master of spotting things and it is even capable of noticing the difference between a 1080p screen and a 4K screen. 

What if we perceive the human eye as a digital camera just for a moment?

The cone receptors in the retina, which are responsible for the way we see colors, are around five million and there are also hundred million rods that serve to detect monochrome contrast, which plays an essential role in the sharpness of the images we see every day. Having two eyes which constantly flick around, allows for a much larger area to be covered in our fields of view. Thanks to the high-quality image that they send to our brains, we are able to see the world in such great detail.

With good lightning the human eye can distinguish two fine lines that are separate by a minimum of 0,6 arc- minutes.  With this given, we have a pixel size of 0,3 arc-minutes and if we take a conservative 120 degrees as our horizontal field of view and 60 degrees in the vertical lane a pretty interesting conclusion comes to light.


A surprisingly interesting fact to discover is that if the human eye was in fact a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels. Amazing, isn’t it? Taking into consideration that most smartphones on average have a camera of around 12 megapixels. Your eyes are hundreds of times better than your phone!


The lens that is closest to the human eye is 50mm.The human eye can perceive between 30 and 60 frames per single second. Another interesting thing to know is that women actually have more cones, while men have more rods. This in turn means that women are able to see colors better and brighter than men, and men are able to see better in the dark than ladies.

We ought to appreciate the amazing qualities and possibilities our eyes provide for us every day and make sure to capture every beautiful little detail and breathtaking view as fully as possible. Because, after all, we know now that as good as the camera on our phones is it cannot capture anything better than our eyes!