Schweizer Okolux Mobil Plus Angled Head 2.5x LED Illuminated Hand Magnifier - 75x50mm

Color: Yellow

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This high quality handheld magnifier from Schweizer is an ideal low vision aid for reading and working in a variety of tasks.

Its rectangle-shaped lens provides you with a larger viewing area than conventional round magnifiers, making it easier to follow lines of text, and can be especially useful as a reading aid for the partially sighted. It's also completely distortion free and ergonomically angled for maximum comfort.

This magnifier is very lightweight and has a convenient integrated holder for a lanyard, which can be purchased separately, making it highly portable.

Its LED light provides a bright, glare-free illumination to improve visibility and contrast. It's available in a choice of three different light colours than can help improve reading fluency when said colour is preferred:

Yellow (2700K)

This softer, warmer yellow light colour can help improve reading fluency where this colour choice is preferred.  It may be particularly helpful for people who have had cataracts removed or suffer dazzle from normal LED magnifiers.

White (4500K)

The vast majority of people find this original type of LED light colour to be preferable to help improve reading fluency. Provides a clear illumination.

Blue (6500K)

Perfect for those who find a cooler light beneficial for reading and other tasks. It may be particularly helpful for people with cataracts.

Other specifications:

  • Magnification: 2.5x / 10D
  • Lens size: 75 x 50mm (2.95 x 1.97 inches)
  • Magnifier weight: 140g (4.94oz)
  • Easy closing mechanism for battery release and change

    Supplied with a microfiber pouch to protect the magnifier that can also be used to clean the lens.

    It needs 3 x AAA for the illumination. Batteries are supplied with your magnifier so it is ready to use when you get it.

    We also have a base stand available to use this magnifier hands-free: click here to see it.

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